International Award Scheme

Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs is honoured to be granted the licence to operate this world renowned award.


The aims of the award are to:

  • To encourage a constructive use of leisure time
  • To encourage self motivation
  • To develop individual and team skills

The award is non competitive, entirely voluntary and is recognised at the highest national and international level. The award scheme operates at three levels, with each level providing the foundation for the next. The three levels are: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

To gain an award at each of these levels, four sections have to be completed. They are Skill, Physical Activity, Service, Expedition.


There are two ways in which students of Al Noor participate:
1. The students interact with the students of Rashid School for Boys over 10 two hour sessions during which they play games and engage in different activities ranging from art and craft, carpentry to screen printing. The objective is for both groups to get to know each other through structured activities.

2. Senior students and members of the Al Noor Social Club are taken on a camping trip, for one to three nights depending on the award level the student is aiming for. During the camp a series of activities are planned which include cooking, cleaning, games, treks and swimming. Through these activities, a sense of responsibility and increased self esteem are instilled in the students. They develop a love for the outdoors by providing them with an opportunity to interact with nature in a fun way. Individual and team skills are inculcated while the students enjoy and expand leisure activities. Students also get an opportunity to generalize many of the skills that they have been taught.

Opportunities to socialize and have fun with typically developing peers are limited for students with special needs. This award scheme offers them a chance to do this.

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