Support of Parents at Al Noor (SPAN)

SPAN was founded by a group of parents of Al Noor, who are also members of staff, to form a liaison between the school and the parent body. This is done through educational talks, workshops as well as fun events for the entire family. SPAN has formed a committee consisting of parents as well as professionals who manage the group.


The objectives of SPAN are:

  • To form a forum for discussion of issues of common interest
  • To increase parental awareness of the latest technical/ educational advances in the field of special needs
  • To share information through workshops, lectures etc
  • To increase awareness about the facilities available to children with special needs
  • To support the Centre in its fundraising initiatives
  • To volunteer services at the Centre
  • To encourage interaction amongst parents
  • To support each other by sharing resources, organizing respite services
  • To create a social platform for special families
  • To increase awareness in the society about the field of special needs
  • To create a platform that can advocate for change

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