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The Al Noor Swimming Gala 2011

Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs celebrated their very first Swimming Gala in their new premises in Al Barsha on the 11th of May, 2011. The event was a colorful, fun-filled celebration of the aquatic skills acquired by the students and was attended by over thirty proud parents. Mr. Ibrahim Al Hamadi, coordinator of disabled sports in Abu Dhabi sports council and Mrs. Shanta Pillai, former Programme Coordinator at the Al Noor Centre, were the Chief Guests.

Swimming is a form of therapy for individuals with special needs. Water’s buoyancy relieves the stress that gravity normally places on muscles, thereby providing a greater range of motion and coordination and giving an opportunity to build muscles and improve coordination. For individuals with special needs, swimming can increase their independence, increase their self-confidence and lead to a better quality of life by providing greater social integration.

Around a hundred students are put on the swimming programme after obtaining parental approval and a medical fitness certificate. The students are trained in a variety of skills in the water ranging from feeling comfortable in water to playing simple games and then acquiring the skills necessary for independent swimming. For students who are independent swimmers, different styles of swimming are practiced.

During the Swimming Gala, different fun activities helped to showcase the skills that the students have acquired over the year. Some of the events were competitive in nature and the proud winners were awarded certificates by the chief guests. All students were given a certificate of participation.”Our children not only had a fun experience but gained in confidence, knowing they had achieved something. Having Parents and Family cheer them on, added to the worth of the whole experience.” said Isphana Al Khatib, Director- Al Noor Training Centre.

Al Noor has been for the past 30 years providing quality professional care to the special needs community of Dubai. With a trans-disciplinary approach, our in-house team of professionals is dedicated to nurturing the ability of our special children to become functional members of society.

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