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Support our students to be independent so they integrate in the society:

We would like to introduce you to Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, by sharing one of the many success stories. Here goes..

Chantal, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, is a very intelligent and motivated young woman who reflects one of Al Noor’s success stories. She joined the Centre at the age of three and has had holistic training in various departments of Al Noor such as Primary, Juniors, Senior Girls, Sewing, Bakery, Screen Printing, Art and Craft, Sports, Swimming, Gym, Music, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and IT

She was a part of the Work Placement Unit for two years, which prepared her for the placement in open employment.

Chantal has developed good work skills through the years. She works diligently and takes great pride in her work; she has good communication skills in both Arabic and English.

She loves to socialize and is very friendly by nature. She is a good singer and dancer, and has won many prizes at various Art and Dance competitions. Over the years she has participated in several Al Noor concerts. Chantal trained at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry from May 2009 until November 2009; she helped in updating the files, scanning, saving data and data entry.

Since 2010, she has been working at our in house, Smiles’ n’ Stuff gift and coffee shop, where items handcrafted by our children are sold. Her duties include attending bazaars to promote Smiles n’ Stuff,  stock taking, cash tendering, cleaning the shop, taking orders for coffee, bagging sold items, sticking barcodes, and introducing the shop to  visitors. Her administrative skills involve photocopying, running errands, answering phone calls, and filing. She has been interviewed about working at Smiles n’ Stuff many times and has also appeared in newspapers and magazines.

Chantal has a very busy schedule for holding Bake sale Bazaars, as people just love her!!

Support Chantal and boost her confidence and many such students like her… Your support can be priceless!

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