This unit focuses on teaching students the history and practical aspects of Islam. Students learn about the content of the Quran and the recitation of the Hadiths and Surats. Each student is taught according to his or her ability to understand and practice the teaching in daily life. Step by step training in ablution and prayer is provided. Technology and the use of tablets, with specialised apps, are also used to enhance engagement and comprehension during lessons. Native Arabic speakers also enjoy written and spoken Arabic tuition.

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    Our Physical Therapists conduct assessments for all our students and they provide individual and routine-based intervention sessions. They focus on the vital areas of seating and positioning, basic and advanced gross motor skills, mobility skills, balance and coordination and multi-sensory stimulation. For students with cerebral palsy and associated physical disabilities, they work intensively on maintaining postural control and positioning.

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    Our Occupational Therapists concentrate on the core domains of fine motor, self-care, sensory, visual perceptual and pre-vocational skills, in addition to sensory integration. They are responsible for developing the functional independence of all students, through the use of adaptive aids for daily tasks. The department conducts assessments and provides an intervention programme for all students

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    Speech and Language therapists support students by focusing on the key areas of communication, language, speech, articulation and phonology, voice, fluency, prosody, literacy, auditory perception, oro-motor functioning and socialisation. We also provide training in augmentative and alternative communication, to address the needs of those students with complex communication challenges. Speech and language assessments are done for all students and individual, group and routine-based intervention sessions are planned according to Student requirements.

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    Al Noor has taken a leading role in promoting Assistive Technology to improve the quality of lives of its students and within the wider Dubai community. The professionals within our specialist department identify what precise Assistive Technology tools needed are to facilitate specific tasks for students and to aid them to achieve their prescribed goals. Switch assessments are conducted for students with physical access limitations.

    Our Assistive Technology therapists collaborate with our Trans-Disciplinary team members to ensure full understanding of each student’s difficulties and to find solutions to assist them. We put great emphasis on helping them to access the selected tools and encouraging them to use them for maximum benefit.

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    Our Department of Psychology determines where the child is best placed within the school and what intervention will be necessary to help them to develop. Assessments are completed for each new student to establish the level or cognitive, developmental, neuropsychological, academic and adaptive functions of each child.

    Our expert staff make educational and behavioural recommendations and, based on these assessments, they determine the suitability of students for classroom placement, programmes within the curriculum and work placement. For students with challenging behaviour, we employ Positive Behaviour Support and Crisis Intervention techniques within the classroom, across routines and at home

    Through counselling sessions, we work closely with students and their families to work out the best personal coping strategies for each person. Our Self-Awareness Programme offers students the opportunity to learn social, emotional and body awareness skills and how to behave in different situations.


    This department links the school staff, their families and the wider community. Social Workers liaises between the Trans-Disciplinary Assessment and Intervention teams to ensure consistent communication and active parental involvement.

    This department links the school staff, their families and the wider community. Social Workers liaises between the Trans-Disciplinary Assessment and Intervention teams to ensure consistent communication and active parental involvement.


    We are very proud of the success of our vocational training programmes, which are open to all students above the age of 14 (subject to vocational assessment). The students learn immensely valuable skills through the work they do in our Bakery and in our Fashion, Printing and Wood Design Technology units. They also learn the work habits they will need when they find employment in the community.

    Our Smiles n’ Stuff gift shop displays the handcrafted quality goods made by the students. It also organises ‘pop up’ bazaars at craft fairs, in offices and schools when are allocated space. Our shop at Dubai International Airport is a great success. We are always looking for new outlets to showcase and sell our students’ work.

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    Students from our Senior Unit, alongside our sheltered employees, are trained to prepare cakes, cookies and muffins. We follow stringent Dubai Municipality health and safety regulations to ensure an excellent range of high quality bakery items

    We make regular deliveries to certain companies and fulfil one-off orders on request. Our bakers are always delighted to package up their goods for distribution and to know they will be appreciated.


    Sewing, embroidery, jewellery-making and silk painting all take place here. Students are taught the essential aspects of sewing and embroidery, including how to use a sewing machine. They make beautiful items such as cases for glasses and purses. In jewellery-making classes, students make attractive beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are also trained how to paint on silk and the painted fabric is used to make beautiful and unique scarves and ties.


    This unit provides training in screen and heat transfer printing. We teach screen printing on a variety of flat surfaces, such as fabric, paper and tiles. Heat transfer printing is used to put images on to other surfaces and this technique is used to create colourful mugs, tiles, mouse pads and fridge magnets. The printed fabric is used to make aprons, tote bags, t-shirts and many other items.


    In this unit students learn how to use a variety of tools and equipment to make wooden items. They are also taught wood painting techniques and how to assemble small furniture pieces.

    Key chains, bookends and a variety of wooden items made by the students are on show in our gift shop.


    We want our children to enjoy all the benefits technology can bring them, to connect them to the wider world and enhance their learning experience.

    This department teaches pre-computing skills, such as how to use touch-based devices and how to access them, how to use hardware such as a mouse and a keyboard. When they have mastered basic skills students are taught how to access software, online resources and applications which support their learning, communication and literacy. Training in more advanced computer skills such as MS Office, how to browse safely, how to access emails and to use social media, and even web design is given to our more able students.

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    We aim to integrate as many of our young adults as possible into the community by sourcing paid employment for them.

    The work placement programme is open to selected students over 18 years of age. We teach them a variety of skills required for the workplace and the life skills required to make them as independent as possible. When training is complete we try to secure suitable paid employment for the students and support them within the workplace so that they are able to keep the position they have been given. Our students want to contribute to their family and to society and work placement enables them to do this. Their presence in the workplace increases awareness of the competencies and abilities of people with disabilities.

    There are two routes to employment offered through this programme. The first is the Supported Employment Programme, where students are placed in jobs within the community after a one year training period. The second is the Sheltered Employment Programme, where students with the special skills we require to fulfil certain roles at the centre, are employed at Al Noor

    Work placement is available to students who have completed their education and training at Al Noor. Unfortunately we are unable to offer direct admissions to this programme.

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    Our expert staff focus on teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder key learning, social and communication skills , using evidence-based practices.

    They assess a student’s behaviourial challenges, before formulating and implementing an intervention plan based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. We base our communications skills training on the principles of Verbal Behaviour. Social skills are taught in group sessions through the use of video modelling, stories of social situations and role play. Individuals are given independent tasks and we teach and implement strategies to help them to complete these successfully. Our aim is to mitigate any problem behaviour which interferes with learning.

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    Sport makes learning fun and provides children with the opportunity to develop their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sports, fitness classes, yoga, dance and movement sessions develop their gross motor and loco-motor skills. Posture, balance, body awareness and coordination are also improved, as well as self-esteem, self-confidence and social interaction capabilities. We offer a variety of sports and team games in our large, multi-functional hall. We also organise swimming classes in our outdoor pool. We have an excellent gymnasium, fitted with specialist equipment for the students to enjoy.


    In our Art and Craft sessions we encourage children to have fun and to create. We teach them the fundamentals of how to draw, how to paint, to work with clay and to make collages. They use different media and we help them to explore and enjoy the pleasure hands-on creation.

    Our teachers help students to develop their fine motor skills, improve visual perception, to increase their bi-lateral coordination and expand their self –regulation skills. Students learn different ways to express themselves and to be innovative and they are often very proud of the art they create.


    All of our students enjoy music sessions, where they can express themselves through the variety of small instruments they play. For each unit, we use age- appropriate songs, which incorporate academic concepts and allow the children to practice socialisation and vocalisation skills, which encourage them to participate in and enjoy the music. Our group and individual sessions are designed to enhance auditory, speech and tactile skills.


    The aim of this department is to protect and promote the health of our students. We comply with all the requirements of the Dubai Health Authority, which oversees school health and maintenance of health records. Our school nurse monitors the health and hygiene of our students, provides first aid and medical attention if required and gives the students basic health education. Comprehensive medical examinations are conducted by our part-time doctor, with the agreement of parents.


    Brothers and sisters of people with disabilities need as much support as parents. They need a forum to interact with other children in the same situation, where they can express their feelings and share stories. They can learn more about the condition of their siblings and and how best to deal with disability in the family.

    The club is open to siblings of children at Al Noor, who are aged between 8 and 16 years. They must be able to attend the sessions independently and benefit from the fun, leisure and educational programme we offer. Our club members receive periodic newsletters via email, keeping them up to date with issues which may interest them.



    PACT is our unique, intensive parental empowerment programme. Specially designed in-house, it is mandatory for those parents seeking admission for a child under the age of 14 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through this programme we aim to increase parents’ knowledge of the condition and give them strategies to manage the child in a way which supports the core programme into which he or she will be admitted.

    This 10 month programme commences in October and finishes at the end of September the following year (not including school holidays). During September, when the child moves into our regular classroom environment, full support is given to make sure he or she adjusts easily to the new environment and feels settled and comfortable. A parent or caregiver must accompany the child to the daily training sessions for the entire duration of the programme. Unfortunately our resources do not allow us to provide transportation for PACT students.


    Leisure and time to relax with friends is important for everyone. At our social club young adults with all disabilities are able to socialise and interact with their peers in informal surroundings away from school and home. They meet with young, able adults of a similar age and enjoy sharing experiences. They have the opportunity to learn how to conduct themselves outside their usual environment and enables them to keep in touch with their old school friends and to make new ones.


    Our after- school programme is open to students at Al Noor and from other schools. It can be used to supplement our own curriculum and services, and to bridge any gaps experienced by students from other facilities. We offer Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Speech and Language Therapy assessments to all. Physiotherapy, seating assessments and swimming sessions are provided to Al Noor students only.


    During July and August we organise a Summer Camp for the Determined Ones. We offer supervised fun activities during the summer months. The children love to participate in our art and craft sessions, our numerous sports activities and outings to different venues such as food courts and other leisure spots. All activities are structured and supervised by our expert, well-trained staff. The Summer Camp operates 5 days a week from 8.30am to 12.30pm and can be booked for 2 week periods or longer during July and August. This is subject to sufficient student numbers.