To enjoy a good quality of life, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes physical health. As a part of Fitness program, Al Noor provides activities in sports, gym. and swimming.


Sports makes learning fun and provides children with the opportunity to develop their physical, mental and emotional well-being. We offer a variety of sports and team games in our large multi-functional hall. (When the weather is good, students are taken outdoor for sports on the open track). Students are given training in activities of running, jumping, ball skills, physical games like bowling, target throw etc. Students are also trained in fun activities of dance and aerobic activities, Zumba being the popular with the students.


Swimming classes for students are held in our indoor pool. Students are trained in the skills of entering and exiting the water, floating skills, leg kicking and different styles of swimming of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke.


We have an excellent gymnasium, fitted with special equipment for the students to enjoy. For the cardiovascular workout, training is given on walking on the treadmill, use of static cycle, cross trainer, and stepper. For strength training use of equipment for chest, shoulder, back extension, arms, dumbbells and bars, etc. are done.


In our Art and Craft sessions we encourage children to have fun and to create. We teach them the fundamentals of how to draw, how to paint, to work with clay and to make collages. They use different medium and we help them to explore and enjoy the pleasure hands-on creation. Our teachers help students to develop their fine motor skills, improve visual perception, to increase their bi-lateral coordination. Students learn different ways to express themselves and to be innovative and they are often very proud of the art they create.


All of our students enjoy music sessions, where they can express themselves through the variety of instruments they play. For each unit, we use age- appropriate songs, which incorporate academic concepts and allow the children to practice socialization and vocalization skills, which encourage them to participate in and enjoy the music. Our group and individual sessions are designed to enhance auditory, speech and tactile skills. We also have Heartbeat Bands, the focus of this band is in providing opportunities for individuals with multiple disabilities to express themselves through the medium of music.