We take immense pride in the achievements of our Vocational Training (VT) programs, available to students aged 14 and above (subject to meeting the safety criteria for VT enrollment). The inclusion of Vocational Training opportunities empowers our students to cultivate skills that enhance their prospects for open employment based on their unique abilities, talents, and interests. At Al Noor, our VT unit offers training in five diverse fields: Bakery, Fashion Technology, Printing Technology, Wood Design Technology, and Media & Mass Communication. Our teaching approach centers around the principle of "learning by doing," emphasizing hands-on practice.

While our VT unit strives to impart comprehensive training in task-related activities, we place significant emphasis on developing Work Habits Skills. These skills foster acceptable work behavior that can be applied in any professional setting. We believe that nurturing these essential work habits equips our students with the ability to succeed in various work situations.

Our commitment is to provide a well-rounded vocational education that not only equips students with technical competencies but also empowers them with the necessary work habits and soft skills required for their future careers. We aim to foster a sense of confidence, independence, and adaptability in our students, enabling them to pursue meaningful employment opportunities and contribute to society.


Our Senior Unit students, in collaboration with our sheltered employees, undergo training to skillfully prepare a variety of cakes, cookies, and muffins. Adhering to the rigorous health and safety regulations set by the Dubai Municipality, we ensure the production of an exceptional selection of bakery items that meet the highest standards of quality.


The Unit comprises three sub-Units: Sewing, Jewelry-making, and Silk painting. Students receive comprehensive instruction in sewing and embroidery techniques, including the operation of sewing machines. They create exquisite items such as eyeglass cases and purses. In jewelry-making classes, students craft captivating beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Additionally, they learn the art of silk painting, using the painted fabric to fashion stunning and distinctive scarves and ties.


The Printing Technology Unit offers training in two distinct printing techniques: screen-printing and heat transfer printing. Screen printing is a versatile method employed on various flat surfaces, including fabric, paper, and tiles. On the other hand, heat transfer printing focuses on applying designs to T-shirts, mugs, tiles, and fridge magnets.


Within this unit, students acquire proficiency in utilizing a diverse range of tools and equipment for crafting wooden items. They receive instructions in wood painting techniques and the assembly of small furniture pieces. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, students have the opportunity to create an array of wooden items, including keychains, bookends, and various other crafts. Additionally, they receive training in the newly introduced skill of Decoupage, which involves decorating wooden objects such as tissue boxes and pencil holders, among others.


We are delighted to introduce the new Vocational Training Unit - the Media & Mass Communication Unit. This Unit is a dynamic and creative hub where students have the opportunity to explore and develop their talents in various media-related disciplines such as photography, videography, graphic design, digital editing, journalism, and more. Through a blend of practical training and real-world projects, we aim to equip our students with the essential tools and competencies required in today's media landscape.

At our Media Unit, we strive to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages innovation, critical thinking, and hands-on learning experiences. We believe in the power of media as a means of self-expression, communication, and storytelling.