Inclusion Etiquette Training (Advanced Module)

Inclusion etiquette refers to respectful communication and interaction with people who have disabilities and is the first step as a community to facilitate their right to dignity and equal access. The training will help the organization, the workforce and a community that is aware and practices respectful inclusion of People of Determination.

Maximum Participants:



3 hours


To equip participants with language, terminology, and behavior to be used for respectful interaction with people with disabilities

Course Content

• 5 basic steps to start • Language tips • A-Z of Etiquette • People with wheelchairs or mobility impairments • People with Visual Impairment • People with Hearing Impairment • People with Speech Disabilities • People with Intellectual Disabilities • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder • People with Specific Learning Disability • People with Cerebral Palsy • People with Epilepsy (Seizure Disorders) • People with Tourette Syndrome • Hands-on activities • Evacuation and considerations • Feedback


• Experienced, qualified trainers in the field of education and rehabilitation of Persons with Disability
• Dedicated Research and Training Department to address your training needs
• KHDA Certificate upon successful completion of the course


Training Mode:

• Onsite instruction • Hands-on activities, simulation, role play, discussion


To be finalized with organizer


To be finalized

Medium of Instruction: