Al Noor Association has a lot of initiatives in place that gives individuals and companies the chance to make a real difference in a student’s life. The cost of providing our holistic programme to an individual with disabilities is approximately Dhs. 75,000 per annum. We set our fees at Dhs. 45,000 per year, which represents a subsidy by Al Noor of 40% for all students. Over 40% of the children at Al Noor are unable to pay even the subsidized fees and so we make up the amount they cannot afford. It is an ongoing annual challenge for the Association to cover the operational costs of the Training Centre. We have initiatives/events ongoing throughout the year in which individuals and corporates can engage by supporting through in-kind/direct support or by organizing fundraising events post approval from Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. For more information on annual ongoing CSR initiatives that support our cause of Determined Ones, please reach out to scr@alnoorspneeds.ae