At Al Noor we greatly appreciate our volunteers, who donate their time and skills to help us. If you have time to spend with our students on consistent basis, share your talents (such as for music or art) or simply help them in their daily tasks, we would love to hear from you. Our ideal is to offer our students one on one care. Each volunteer at the entre brings us a step closer to that goal. Alternatively, if you would like to bring your skills to use for our administrative departments, we would value your help. We enjoy sharing what we do and know that our volunteers are some of our best ambassadors in the wider community.

Our Volunteer Interaction Programme is open to anyone over the age of 16. No specific qualifications are required – just commitment and consistency. All prospective volunteers must attend an orientation session at the Centre. This includes a presentation to give information about the Centre, followed by a guided tour, where you will see our classrooms and other units in action and meet some of our staff and students.

Our Corporate Interaction Programme enables employees of companies to volunteer at Al Noor, bringing us their skills and knowledge. We ensure that all volunteers receive a comprehensive brief about the Centre and together we decide what each individual can do, depending upon skills and area of interest. Some corporate volunteers choose to work directly with students, some help in our Administration or our Sustainability and Community Relations Department. Others elect to assist at our fundraising events. We request that a maximum of 20, people attend a Corporate Interaction programme at the Centre. You also offer volunteering by taking our students for social/educational outings and (or) also offering work experience by inviting our young adults with disabilities under Work Placement Program to your office premises. Kindly book your date well in advance to that we can all get maximum benefit from your participation.

Our Student Interaction Programme brings students from mainstream educational institutions to Al Noor. Under our supervision, they get to know our students, learn about their disabilities and how to help them overcome their difficulties. It is a great way of increasing awareness about Determined Ones amongst young people. Please do note, these are applicable for students who are 16 years+ and they will receive volunteering certificates ONLY if they have completed 40hours of Volunteering work with the Centre.

For more information about Volunteering and Corporate Interaction, please email volunteering@alnoorspneeds.ae


Anyone who is a legal resident of the UAE and it at least 16 years of age can volunteer.

It’s mandatory for all volunteers who will be working directly with our students. Details of the orientation date will be shared post verification of all submitted documentation.

You will see a short video presentation of the work we do at Al Noor and then you will be given a tour of the Centre, which lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Timings vary according to the work you volunteer to do. If you work in the classrooms with the students, you can volunteer between 8am-1pm.  Work in our administration departments can take place any time between 9am -1pm and 2pm – 4pm. The Centre is open from Monday-Thursday. You let us know when you are available and we will work out a programme to suit you. 

No. The Centre remains closed on Weekends- Saturday-Sunday and Winter, Spring & Summer break as well, as we follow KHDA School Calendar.

We advise you to wear comfortable clothes. We recommend you don’t wear very loose clothing or large jewellery items as some of the children may be distracted by them.

Please report to the reception each day. On the first day you will received an ID card and this should be worn at all times when you are in the Centre.

You can take them with you into the classrooms so that you are able to look after them.  All volunteers are responsible for their own belongings while at the Centre.

Please refer to an Evacuation Plan. These are placed around the Centre for your information. If you are in a classroom, please follow the teacher’s evacuation instructions.

To ensure that we can acknowledge your valuable contributions appropriately, we kindly request that you complete a minimum of 40 hours of volunteering. Upon fulfilling this requirement, we would be delighted to provide you with a Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteering or an official letter detailing the number of volunteering hours


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