The best way to understand the gamut of services provided by Al Noor is to visit the Centre, which is located behind Mall of Emirates, in the Barsha 1 district of Dubai. Meet our friendly Sustainability and Community Relations team. They offer tours of the entre throughout the year. The best time to visit is on weekdays- Monday to Thursday, between 9am and 11am, when you can see the students at work. Come and experience the caring environment of the Centre and the range of training opportunities we offer to the students under our care.

We want to make the community aware about the cause of Determined Ones, the services we provide and the abilities of our students with disabilities. Companies and school visits are most welcome. Call to make an appointment prior to your visit. Each tour can accommodate up to 20 students or employees.

If you would like to book a tour, please contact our Sustainability and Community Relations Dept. on 04-3804844 or email us at

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